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ePayMe are a specialist recruitment process outsourcing company that provide a comprehensive range of payroll and accounting services to contractors and recruitment agencies.

ePayMe is a leader in payroll and accounting services to contractor and recruitment agencies. They work closely with hundreds of Recruitment Agencies throughout the UK, providing for a wide variety of sectors.

ePayMe provide impressive services for in-house PAYE pay for contractors and truly bespoke payroll solutions that suit your business needs.

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ePayMe take advantage of their state-of-the-art software that is directly linked to HM Revenue & Customs in Real Time. The excellent part of this is that you know your Tax, National Insurance and eligible business incurred expenses are kept up to date and compliant at all Times.

ePayMe offer a very specific range of products that enable them to offer you the right solutions, to work perfectly with your working enviroment. What’s more ePayMe work alongside NEST (National Earnings Savings Trust) to facilitate your Pensions Auto Enrolment; a Government led regulation back in 2013.