We Enable Recruitment Leaders To Outperform The Market

Significantly Grow Profitability

Over the past 12 years, we have worked with over 450 recruitment organisations and have developed a very clear understanding of the challenges they face in their businesses and how best to tackle those challenges.

As such, we wanted to develop a unique members’ club where recruitment owners and senior managers come together with some of the recruitment industry’s most successful thought leaders and work collaboratively to challenge each other’s thinking, with the ultimate objective of improving business performance, increasing business efficiencies and significantly growing profitability and shareholder value.

The Recruitment Network™ offering provides the ideal support mechanism to make that happen.

members discussing challenges at a breakout at our huddle

‘It’s like having 60-70 nonexec Directors who know exactly what your business needs, giving you really good advice that’s actionable’

Johnny Campbell | CEO Social Talent

kevin green talks to recruitment network members

Unparalleled Levels of Support

We have brought together one of the most impressive line-ups of Speakers, Chairs, Advisors and Facilitators – their job is to inspire you, inform you, entertain you and challenge you.

These are just some of the challenges we are solving every day for our members:

Winning New, High Value Business Opportunities

Sourcing Candidates

Sourcing Talent (internal)

Getting Consultants to Minimum Levels of Performance

Standing Out from the Crowd

Being More Efficient

Increasing Profitability

Improving Brand Exposure

Outperforming the Market

Creating Consistency in How We Work

Creating Shareholder Value

Maximising Return on Investment for Costs

Increasing Employee Engagement

Getting Middle Management Team to Drive Business Performance

Navigating Legislation Minefields

Up-Skilling Employees

Staying on Track

Increasing Margins

A Unique Environment

We have created the ultimate environment to challenge your thinking, revolutionise your business strategy and to learn from industry experts as well as from your industry peers.

a recruitment network members writes notes on his trn magazine
james discussing with members at our breakout session

Your Hosts

The Recruitment Network Club™ is the ultimate support club for recruitment industry leaders, born out of a partnership between The Recruitment Network, Innergy, The Global Recruiter and UK Recruiter

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